ZoomNotes is for business people, teachers, students and anyone who is serious about taking notes or sketching on their iPad, iPhone or Mac


Now available for OS X on the Mac





Independent reviews:

ZoomNotes app review: a powerful note-taking utility

ZoomNotes app review

Love ZoomNotes! ★★★★★
by  dtabmorg – Version 8.0.2 Jan 17, 2019
Für mich die beste Notiz-App ★★★★★
by tiggy996312 – Version 8.0.2  Jan 16, 2019
Love it even more ★★★★★
by  41075 – Version 8.0.2 Jan 16, 2019
And the winner is ZoomNotes ★★★★★
by  Chipsn73 – Version 8.0.2 Jan 16, 2019
It is very good ★★★★★
by humANother – Version 8.0.2 Jan 15, 2019
Exelente App!!! ★★★★★
by La mejor app en su sector – Version 8.0.2 Jan 15, 2019
The wonderful joy of ZoomNotes ★★★★★
by knittingmema – Version 8.0.2 Jan 14, 2019
The greatest ★★★★★
by  Dannithisisstupid – Version 8.0.2 Jan 14, 2019
Incredible app ★★★★★
by EscapedRetd – Version 8.0.2 Jan 11, 2019
Worth every single star ★★★★★
by  MoonBoy242 – Version 8.0.2 Jan 9, 2019
Swiss-Army Chainsaw of a note taker ★★★★★
by Opinion of the silent masses – Version 7.6.4 – Oct 22, 2017
Fantastic notetaking app! ★★★★★
by *Peripatetic* – Version 7.6.5 – Nov 8, 2017

Note taking

ZoomNotes is the most versatile note-taking app, with smooth ink in eight different pens, text, unlimited zoom, sub-pages, linked sound recording, automatic palm rejection and much more.

PDF, DOC and PPT annotation

Import and handwrite over PDF documents. Import and write over MS and PPT Docs, videos and photos.

Visual thinking

ZoomNotes’ unlimited zoom means that mind mapping, tree and flow diagrams have never been easier. Shapes, symbols, lines and arrows all facilitate visual thinking.


With eight different pens including pencil and watercolour, super-smooth ink and unlimited zoom, digital sketching has never been easier or more fun.


Bookmarks can be used to animate through your document. Used in conjunction with sub-pages these give a unique way of conveying the structure of your presentation.  Output to the iPad screen, an AirPlay device, an external screen/projector or to a video.

Cloud sync

Saving all your files to iCloud means that they are available on all your digital devices and you’ll never lose them again. For example, work on your iPad and continue later on your Mac or vice versa.

Digital planning

Create your own customisable digital planner document or import one of the many available PDF digital planner documents. Uniquely ZoomNotes lets you add your own links between pages and even between documents. It will automatically show events (from the Calendar app) on the months, weeks and days planner pages.

Split screen

You can view and edit 2 documents side-by-side (or above-and-below). This is fantastic for making notes from a PDF document into you own notes document.