We’re always please to get feedback from our customers as it helps us to improve ZoomNotes. Equally it gives us insight into the variety of ways in which ZoomNotes is actually being used. We recently recieved some feedback about how a particular customer was using ZoomNotes in a teaching environment in conjunction with a projector. We felt we should share this as it described this use of ZoomNotes very well and clarified the (subtle) difference in ZoomNotes’ approach to the external screen in comparison to some of the other notetaking apps…

” I’m currently using ZoomNotes in conjunction with Apple TV so I can mirror my iPad in the classroom. One feature that I really like is the option to increase the pixel ratio. It enlarges the image to fill up the classroom projection screen more. Using this option also hides the toolbars from projecting yet it appears normally on my iPad. This is helpful because it decreases the visual distraction to students whenever I make on-screen changes in my settings. Plus, there’s better use of space. Other apps that don’t allow for pixel ratio increases appear visually scrunched and compressed when mirroring via Apple TV””

” While many other note apps utilize the iPad’s camera and allow you to enlarge images, many of these apps have zoom-in limits or tend to lose image clarity when viewed up close. ZoomNotes can zero in without restriction and retains enlarged image clarity. I can take a photo of a student’s work, zoom in close and have presentable details for all to see.”

We welcome all customer feedback and will respond to it all, so please don’t hesitate to share your experiences or new feature requests.

Here are some ZoomNotes reviews from the App Store:
Best app out there
I’m a college student and I’m taking notes everywhere. I’ve tried other note taking apps in the past but none of the other apps really let me do what I wanted to achieve. ZoomNotes is the best note taking app hands down. Not only that, but their customer support is amazing. I had questions about certain features and I received an email soon after. No complaints about this app and it’s only getting better. If you are serious about taking notes and really want an amazing app to help you with it, then you need zoomNotes.
By Multi55 USA App Store

Top tier note taking app
Excellent and robust app. Notability may be no. 1 in the App Store but is bare bones compared to what this app can do. And the developer’s customer service…fantastic. Two days after I contacted them, not only had I received two emails, but the app had been updated to resolve the issue.
By SteelerNation88 USA App Store

Essential App
Best notetaking app for ipad….hands down. Absolutely Superb! The most feature rich productivity app available on the ipad, now with mind-mapping capabilities, screen grabbing utility, a rich prezi-like presentation tool for your notes along with an infinitely zoomable whiteboard. This app also allows you to richly annotate pdf’s as with opacity controls which I use all the time for studying and reviewing your notes! Oh, did I mention a flawless autobackup to dropbox, evernote and others… Stop looking, the ultimate notetaking app has arrived. You will not regret it.
By TomD__ USA App Store

An amazing, well cared for, drawing & annotation app!
ZoomNotes is a wonderful combination ink, drawing, annotation, vector app. It includes an ink pen with great fluidity and response, a watercolor brush with transparency adjustable transparency, a pretty realistic pencil, and much more. It allows for very close zoom without compromising resolution, gestures for erase and shapes, text of course, and marquee selection everything drawn. It has the best of a bunch of other, much more expensive, similar apps and it does it all well. I have watched ZoomNotes evolve for roughly two years now and I cannot over state the quality and care and that the developers continually invest in this apps development. And if something happens to be glitchy in one update (which is rare) you can be confident the glitch will be rectified in an insanely short amount of time, like a day. They are always adding new features and improving old ones. I wish all my favorite apps were given the same TLC by their makers as this one. Thank you!
By bbeorbust USA App Store

Perfect Adonit Jot Script Calibration
The calibration module is absolutely fantastic, delightful, and exactly what I had hoped for (but never found) from all the other applications I tried before finding this one. None of the competition (Not GoodNotes, nor Notes Plus, nor Notability, nor even Penultimate) has this level of integration with a stylus. Now I love my Jot Script! And with the ability to add audio anywhere on the page and manage naming of audio, this app is just excellent for studying anything and giving audio and video presentations. Backups are now much improved also. Excellent Job!!! Thank you so very much!
By Jason.0 USA App Store

ZoomNotes+JotScript: a mature paperless workflow solution
With this combination, no-compromise 100% paperless workflow is now possible. The technical specifications of this combination convinced me, and I am extremely pleased to find that the specs are borne out in practice. I have demonstrated the ZoomNotes+JotScript combination to a number of friends and colleagues, and they have been instantly convinced. The future has arrived — and I’m happy to have made the leap. Disclaimer: I have no direct or indirect conflict of interest with either ZoomNotes or Adonit (maker of the JotScript).
By Familyguy0003 UK App Store

THE best note taking and presentation app bar none
Updated again! Developer adds further refinements. I am a college lecturer. I use my iPad almost daily to take notes, and to craft and deliver lectures. In my pursuit of the perfect app to accomplish these two aims, I have rigorously tried all the major competitors to ZoomNotes: Goodnotes Notes Plus Noteshelf Notability Note Anytime Ink DocAS Penultimate Note Taker HD Upad At this point, honestly only Goodnotes (and possibly Notes Plus) can begin to hold a candle to the experience and functionality that ZoomNotes delivers. If ZoomNotes didn’t exist, I would reluctantly fall back on one of those two apps. Luckily, I am not faced with such a choice, since an amazing alternative is here and it delivers like gangbusters. The bottom line is that ZoomNotes brings a much more complete feature set than any of its competitors. This is due to the developer’s vision and tenacity in constantly improving his product. Consider: how many of the other apps have or are planning on a OS X version of the app with iCloud syncing functionality? ZoomNotes is working on it. How many of its competitors have a universal app so that documents can be accessed, modified and even developed via iCloud syncing? ZoomNotes has that too. This is the ONE to bet on. Get ZoomNotes.
By *Peripatetic* USA App Store

Very powerful software, very responsible developer
I appreciate very much their quick response to various requests, feature additions and improvements. I have been using ZoomNotes for several months. And this is a review based on the actual daily use. The transition to iOS7 introduced a little bit of glitch, but the developed responded very quickly to solve major issues. There seems to be some subtle issues related to the new iOS7, some may be due to the new system, and the rest will be taken care quickly. Having been accustomed using this app, I cannot switch to other apps now. Being a scientist, I write notes mixing text, drawing, equation and pdf pages. I can do all of these messy editing comfortably in ZoomNotes. The zoom window is very handy now, and it is very easy and comfortable to draw using Jot Touch. The outside of the zoo window can be moved around and pinched and zoomed, so literally zoom window can be used as a part of the document. The combination of sub notes and book marks can be used to make a note with many different kinds of information, with ease of going back and forth between different sections of notes. I keep my original review below, which is still quite valid. I’ve used many note taking apps. I have been comfortable with Notes Plus in general and with Note Anytime when Japanese OCR is important. I started using ZoomNotes recently, and will switch over from Notes Plus. As to functionality, ZoomNotes has many nice features and most of them are pretty well implemented and easy to use. Sub-document serves like a very power and expandable outliner. Customer support is nice. When I sent questions and feature requests, almost immediately responded with satisfactory answers. And missing features requests are added pretty quickly. There were several features missing, like zoom in window or keeping the pen color. All are now implemented as of 5.1.2. Of course, it is not perfect, but the ZoomNotes is getting improved daily, and will get easier to use more as time goes on. One new “minor” improvement in 5.1.5 update was a nice support for Jot Touch stylus. It was annoying to switch hand drawing mode and zoom tool when Jot stylus was active, because two finger action is not detected. Now they can be switched using Jot Touch button. I feel that the power of ZoomNotes and ease of use are well balanced. May be, too powerful. It has been updated regularly and new features are added and improved. May be one problem is that there is not enough documents about various bells and whistles. Now that the hand-writing capture has been added with ease of use, I have switched my main note taking to ZoomNotes.
By jinbe USA App Store

“A remarkable idea. There is simply nothing like it. By letting you zoom in infinitely while still retaining 100% readable inking at all levels, you can have an infinite canvas for your notes. You never run out of room – so you can always add new info. For mind maps and the like this is just spectacular”.  Zenjitino, Australian App Store.

“Downloaded a lot of paid drawing apps and this one is my favorite for taking detailed notes for med school. You can put an infinite amount of info into an infinite number of “geographical” locations on one page. For those who are spacial or visual learners, this is a huge advantage.” Drmcw, USA App Store.

“I have downloaded so many note and draw apps, but this combines every possible recording tools—videos, images, pdf files, text, and so forth. I seriously regret download and buy all apps other than this. For me, I can edit pics, pdf files, draw, record, and upload to my itune to save my all good ideas and diaries etc. Just The Best Note currently, and it is worth $2.99 rather than buying other crappy apps.”  Wwq495q, USA App Store.

“Perfect note taking app! Works with Dropbox and even allows you to email documents to yourself. Best note taking app I’ve used so far!”  Automan88, USA App Store.

“…one of the most useful apps… easy to use and feature packed. I have been searching for an app like this and none come close to this one. You need this app”.  JudgeDredd, USA App Store.

“Great Tool. It gives you virtually unlimited Space to note down your ideas by endless zooming, panning and rotating your digital whiteboard. Furthermore, it offers you great tools to enhance notes or even create splashing presentations. For example you can insert movies, pictures, maps, website screenshots, predefined stencils… A really good feature is the presentation mode. This allows to save several views of your white board (zoomed in, rotated,…) and then play it as presentation or export it as movie! For me the best note app I have found so far and an absolute essential on the iPad”.  Bd-Mc 2012, German App Store.

“Very useful app- easy to use, even for non-techies like me.” Greek app store