Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have drawn outside of the page size and then export or print?

There are options to control what happens in this instance, but the default behavior is to scale the added notes (and the underlying media) to fit the specified page size.

How do I reset the view to the whole sheet?

Start the zoom tool, then double tap the screen.

How do I cut and paste?

Start the select tool, and drag a box around the items you wish to copy. Then tap and hold within the selected area unit the edit menu appears. Choose “cut”. Now you can tap at the location you wish to paste at – this could be on the same page, a different page or a different document.

How do I pan and zoom whilst I am using the handwriting tool?

By holding 2 fingers onto the touch screen simultaneously, and waiting for a split second without moving your fingers, ZoomNotes will change to the zoom tool temporarily and the icon on the toolbar will change to give you feedback that this has occurred.

How do I always get the pinch gesture to be recognized for zooming?

If you turn off “Wrist guard protection” in the app settings then the pinch gesture will always be used for zooming. However with this feature turned off you will become reliant on the ‘Palm pad’ if you like to rest your hand on the iPad screen whilst writing.

Have you any plans to support other platforms?

Yes. There will be a MacOS version in 2014 and then we will consider an Android version.

I’m finding ZoomNotes behaves oddly when I rest my hand on the screen whilst writing – how can I solve this?

Firstly make sure you have ‘Multitasking gestures’ turned off in the iPad’s General Settings. Then check that you ‘Palm protection’ turned on in ZoomNotes.

I’ve turned on iCloud but my documents are not synchronized between my devices – is there something else I need to do?

Yes – in ZoomNotes iCloud synchronization is ‘elective’ in that you choose the individual files you wish to synchronize. To do this tap on the document’s name to reveal its properties. In the iCloud section choose ‘Start sharing’.

I want to organize my notes into folders – can I do this?

Yes – simply press the edit button (top right) then drag and drop a note document onto another note document – this will create a folder containing both note documents. Alternatively press the ‘+’ button (with no documents selected) and this will create an empty folder. You can create folders within folders, and also organize your templates and symbols into folders too.