A review worth writing

We recently received an email which we really appreciated. It drew our attention to a user’s review of ZoomNotes in the App Store, which very succinctly summed up ZoomNotes in a couple of paragraphs. We felt it was worth sharing here too, as we feel it will be helpful to potential users interesting in finding a really good fully featured note-taking app.


To whom it may concern:

ZoomNotes Version:7.1.2

App Store posted review:


As a medical student, I have literally installed, learned, and exhausted, close to thirty (30) ‘note taking/annotate type apps.” While they all seemed to offer there own strong benefit, they all lacked certain features offered in other apps.

However with ZoomNotes, all these features are not just included in one non-glitchy app, it provides numerous features that are ‘outside the box’ not found ANYWHERE else. In giving a proper pro and con type review, I will advise you of this one needed headache saving caution: IF YOU PURCHASE THIS APP (worth more than its price in so many ways), BE PREPARED TO SPEND SOME TIME LEARNING ITS FEATURES WITH THE HELPFUL TUTORIALS PROVIDED BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO USE IT. While this ‘con’ is really the only downside, it is also only natural to do with an app that offers so much.




Keep up the OUTSTANDING work, and thank you very much!


E.j. Teegarden

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Out latest release of ZoomNotes (7.1) brings many enhancements and optimisations, but it also brings a new feature of ‘Workspaces’. As ZoomNotes has grown and become more sophisticated, a need arose to let users configure its functions and user interface to specific needs and tasks. What we have come up with are ‘Workspaces’. These let you configure the user interface to your needs, perhaps adjusting colour schemes and toolbar content or enabling which functions are available. You can setup as many of these workspaces as you need and easily switch between them (with the option of a password to protect this). Another great feature of Workspaces is that you can limit them to have access to a certain folder rather than all documents and folders. This helps keep your work organised and safe.

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Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil

We finally got hold of the new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil and we’ve been able to test with the latest version of ZoomNotes (7.0.6) and  the combination is amazing. The accuracy of the pencil is phenomenal, and the palm rejection 100% reliable.

To turn on Apple Pencil – open the main app settings and choose the ‘Stylus’ section. Tap on ‘Apple Pencil’ and turn it on here.



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ZoomNotesX 1.0 Release

Today we are excited to announce the release of Version 1 of ZoomNotesX for Mac. It is a fully featured version of ZoomNotes which lets you create, import and edit ZoomNotes documents from your iPad and iPhone. It includes all editing and writing tools available in the iPad version, as well as bookmarking, presentation and video generation tools.


We have kept the user interface similar on the two platforms to keep learning to a minimum. iCloud documents will be automatically synchronised between Mac, iPad and iPhone letting you work easily between devices. We have also integrated ZoomNotes into Finder on the Mac to enable quick previews of your ZoomNotes documents within Finder, and to enable drag and drop files (ZND, PDF, PNG, JPEG, ZIP, MOV) from Finder into ZoomNotesX.

ZoomNotesX works with Wacom Intuos Stylus as a basic drawing and writing tool, and we will be adding support for pressure and buttons shortly.

Whether you are an existing ZoomNotes user on iPad or a new user looking for an innovative note-taking and sketching app with unlimited zoom you will find ZoomNotesX an extremely useful app for your Mac.

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ZoomNotesX – OS X Beta

We have started beta testing our OS X version of ZoomNotes which brings all of ZoomNotes’ great features to the Mac Desktop operating system. Documents sync via iCloud to the desktop version and vice versa. We’ve tried to keep the interface consistent and familiar for our iOS users whilst still capitalizing on the  differences the desktop operating system  offers. If you would like to help beta test please email support.

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New Wacom Pen Support

The latest updates of ZoomNotes and ZoomNotes Lite (6.3.1) have added support for the latest Wacom iPad pens – the Bamboo Fineline and the Intuos Creative 2. Here is a video of how to connect the pens. Once connected they re-connect automatically when you press the (connect) button on the pen.

Our first impression of these pens has been extremely favorable – pressure sensitive, rechargeable, configurable button(s) and palm protection.

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Active Fine Point Stylus for iPad

This type of stylus is becoming more prevalent and popular (not just with ZoomNotes users but more generally). They are electronic styluses with a fine tip ranging from 1.9mm to 3mm. The advantage is that the tip of the stylus does not obscure the screen where it touches unlike using a finger or a non-electronic stylus which has a tip of upwards of 5mm.

However there are several drawbacks with this type of stylus

  1.  As you angle the pen from the perpendicular to the screen, the touch point registered on the iPad moves away from the tip. This gives the impression that the ink is coming from some point slightly away from the tip of the pen.
  2. The fine tip interacts with the iPad touch sensors in such a way that if you draw slowly you can get a wavy line instead of an intended straight line. When handwriting this has the effect of some of the letters in a word being drawn either bigger or smaller than you intended. In effect your handwriting looks somewhat untidy. If sketching then sketches look untidy too due to shaky lines rather that smooth lines.

To date in ZoomNotes we have added 2 features to adjust for these problems. We have added a simple calibration step for active stylus which keeps ink aligned with the tip of the stylus. We have also added a ‘slow-smooth’ mode which detects when you are drawing a line slowly and then automatically smooths the line – effectively removing the wavy-ness from the drawn line.

Although these functions make ZoomNotes  the best app available to use with an active stylus we have been working on a way of smoothing out the wavy lines in a seamless and transparent way concentrating on making hand-writing look as tidy as possible and we are pleased to announce that we have successfully added this  new smoothing option for Adonit Jot Touch, Jot Script to our latest update of ZoomNotes (6.2.3). Below is a video showing the super smoothing in action; it compares it with the smoothing offered by Adonit which works effectively at smoothing wavy lines when drawing, but ‘over-smooths’  handwriting causing small letters to become illegible.

We are now refining our new smoothing technique for use with other fine point styluses and we will be adding this support in the near future.

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New Adonit Jot Touch

The new Adonit Jot Touch has just been released and we are loving using it with ZoomNotes.  The pen uses Adonit’s ‘Pixel Point’ technology, first introduced with their Jot Script pen. We have therefore enabled the specific features we added for the Jot Script, namely ‘tip calibration’ and ‘slow- smoothing’. In other respects the Jot Touch is similar to the Touch 4 in that it has 2 configurable buttons and is pressure sensitive.

Within ZoomNotes the pressure sensitivity gets used in two areas; firstly within Ink Capture to adjust the look of the captured ink, for example making the ‘Draft’ ink thicker in proportion to the amount of pressure detected. Secondly the pressure is used to aid the palm protection algorithm, so even if you are an ardent note-taker rather than an avid sketcher you can still get the benefit of the pen’s pressure sensitivity.

The last feature we love is the re-chargeability – in our experience pens tend to get through batteries quite quickly especially when connecting via blue-tooth – this cost soon adds up. So, for example, if you are considering a Jot Script or the new Jot Touch, then just this feature should make your decision easy.

Here is a short video showing off the pen’s features in ZoomNotes, including how to connect the pen for the first time, (once connected the connection happens automatically).

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Sketch Videos

We recently had contact with one of our users, James Carlson @hypnagogic , through a support request and became aware of how he was using ZoomNotes  and we though it worthy of mention. He is using ZoomNotes to generate videos about an individual’s life. First by drawing a large sketch-note on a single ZoomNotes page in ‘Infinite Whiteboard mode’ then recording bookmarks at various locations over the drawing to tell a story (of a person’s career). This technique is also using ZoomNotes ability to group writing elements and have the group animated during video creation. We were extremely impressed by the results – the only bit which needed doing to the videos after ZoomNotes had generated them was to add the sound-track. Great work and thank you for letting us share it.

Osher Günsberg from Bucket Brigade on Vimeo.

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Active Fine Tip Stylus Calibration

ZoomNotes now has a calibration setup for fine-tip ‘active’ stylus pens. We first noticed the ‘parallax’ effect with the Jot Script – depending on the angle you hold the pen at relative to the screen the ink can appear some way from the tip of the pen – this can be extremely off-putting and can make writing and sketching difficult and frustrating. We came up with a simple but novel solution to this problem for the Jot Script which we have now generalized to work with the other types of Active Stylus pens – the Hex3 Nota and the Lynktec Apex. These are both great pens which now certainly work better in ZoomNotes. You can try the calibration in ZoomNotes Lite for free.

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