Digital Planners

The latest update of ZoomNotes and ZoomNotes Desktop includes support for links in PDF documents and as such now opens up ZoomNotes to the world of ‘digital planners’. These are many and varied, but typically are based on a desktop planner/diary format with links on each page to other weeks/months/notes pages. You just tap on a link and it takes you to that page. We have added a couple of video to demonstrate this with 2 different digital planner documents. You’ll notice how easy it is to import one of these documents and how powerful the links are.

This video on YouTube shows importing a digital planner from

YouTube video

This video on YouTube shows importing a digital planner from

YouTube video



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Journaling in ZoomNotes

We have put a video on YouTube which demonstrates how to use ZoomNotes as a ‘Bullet Journal’. It concentrates on how to manage an index page in a journal document. This is a concept we feel could be beneficial in many types of documents which are more than a few pages and are being used in an accumulative fashion.

Here is our demo Zoomnotes document as used in the video. BulletJournal.znd

YouTube video


We have also made available some symbols we put together to make journaling a little easier and less repetitive.


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One of the newer features in iOS is the ability to run two apps ‘side-by-side’ on the screen. We have had many requests to be able to view 2 documents side-by-side in ZoomNotes and we are looking into adding this as a new feature very soon. On of the uses of this would be the ability to project (via Airplay) one document whilst looking at presentation note within another (unprojected) document.

Until we add this feature to ZoomNotes, one of our users has come up with the following suggestion/workaround. By installing ZoomNotes and ZoomNotes Lite you can achieve a side-by-side viewing of ZoomNotes documents, even projecting to an external screen from one of the apps. Once you have both installed, run up both apps side-by-side. In order to project from one of the apps – choose the external screen res you want in the app to project from, and ‘No external screen’ from the other app. It is easy to send a document from ZoomNotes to ZoomNotes Lite using ‘Export’ and ‘Open in’ – sending the ZND format between the apps.


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ZoomNotes 7.6 Drag and Drop

You can now use the new iOS 11 Drag and Drop features in ZoomNotes, either at the documents view or when editing a document.

Drag and Drop into ZoomNotes

At the documents view you can currently drag from another app and drop into this view. You will be permitted to drop either a PDF file, an image file or a video file. The result will be to create a new document in ZoomNotes based on the dropped item.

When editing a document you will be able to drop from another app a PDF file which will result in a sub-document being created in the current document; an image or video which will be inserted on the current page in ZoomNotes.

Drag and Drop out of ZoomNotes

Currently we only support this when editing a document.

From selection

Use the selection tool to select the items you want to drag and drop.
Then tap and hold on one of the markers (red or blue shown around the selection). This will start the drag operation
Drag to another app and drop – this will copy an image of the selected items
Or drag and drop within ZoomNotes – this will duplicate the selected items in the dropped position

From the Grab Tool

You can select an area of the screen using the Grab tool
Now tap and hold within the (red) grab area, this will start the drab operation
Drag to another app and drop – this will copy an image of the grabbed area
Or drag and drop within ZoomNotes – this insert the image of the grabbed area at the dropped position.

We will add drag and drop to more features in ZoomNotes in the coming weeks and months. If you have a suggestion as to where you might like to see it, then please contact us via email, twitter or through the support page.

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Why take handwritten notes?

This is a dilemma facing students and workers of the benefits of either using a laptop and typing notes in a meeting or lecture or whether to use (electronic) paper and pen. Here are a few links which report the research findings on the subject…



These articles report on a research project conducted by two professors (one from Princeton and one from UCLA). The findings show that handwritten notes are better than typed notes for better retention and understanding. Of course there are benefits of using a laptop in that you have access to the internet/WiFi and the possibility of participation in on-line activities and demonstrations.

A tablet with a stylus, such as an iPad and the Apple Pencil would appear to be the best of both worlds, quick internet access combined with the ability to take hand-written notes. Clearly we believe that ZoomNotes would be the best app to choose. Here’s why:

  • Electronic stylus support including Apple Pencil.
  • Super-smooth handwriting capture with 8 different ink styles.
  • Magnification window – an optimised way of handwriting onto a page of notes.
  • Many different page styles and support for custom pages.
  • Audio recording cross-referenced against your handwritten notes for later review and clarification.
  • Infinite pages allow you to make notes anywhere at any scale – so you can keep relevant things together.
  • Sub-documents to allow even more detail to be captured, but still be retained with the overview structure.

Then there are the added benefits of working electronically:

  • Symbol library allow for quick access to pre-drawn objects.
  • Documents, folders, sub-folders and tags help keep notes organised.
  • Auto-backup makes sure your notes are safely backed up to the cloud.
  • Fully-featured import and export functions let you work well with other apps, both on iPad and desktop.
  • The presentation system within ZoomNotes lets you quickly sketch-out presentations and present them via AirPlay or through export to video.


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ZoomNotes 7.5

A major update to ZoomNotes will be released shortly with some important new features which help integrate the app further into iOS ecosystem. We don’t want to go into any detail now but we are sure that these features will be very welcome. In addition to the new features, there has been a re-structuring of the ZoomNotes codebase, which further improves its performance and stability.

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A review worth writing

We recently received an email which we really appreciated. It drew our attention to a user’s review of ZoomNotes in the App Store, which very succinctly summed up ZoomNotes in a couple of paragraphs. We felt it was worth sharing here too, as we feel it will be helpful to potential users interesting in finding a really good fully featured note-taking app.


To whom it may concern:

ZoomNotes Version:7.1.2

App Store posted review:


As a medical student, I have literally installed, learned, and exhausted, close to thirty (30) ‘note taking/annotate type apps.” While they all seemed to offer there own strong benefit, they all lacked certain features offered in other apps.

However with ZoomNotes, all these features are not just included in one non-glitchy app, it provides numerous features that are ‘outside the box’ not found ANYWHERE else. In giving a proper pro and con type review, I will advise you of this one needed headache saving caution: IF YOU PURCHASE THIS APP (worth more than its price in so many ways), BE PREPARED TO SPEND SOME TIME LEARNING ITS FEATURES WITH THE HELPFUL TUTORIALS PROVIDED BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO USE IT. While this ‘con’ is really the only downside, it is also only natural to do with an app that offers so much.




Keep up the OUTSTANDING work, and thank you very much!


E.j. Teegarden

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Out latest release of ZoomNotes (7.1) brings many enhancements and optimisations, but it also brings a new feature of ‘Workspaces’. As ZoomNotes has grown and become more sophisticated, a need arose to let users configure its functions and user interface to specific needs and tasks. What we have come up with are ‘Workspaces’. These let you configure the user interface to your needs, perhaps adjusting colour schemes and toolbar content or enabling which functions are available. You can setup as many of these workspaces as you need and easily switch between them (with the option of a password to protect this). Another great feature of Workspaces is that you can limit them to have access to a certain folder rather than all documents and folders. This helps keep your work organised and safe.

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Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil

We finally got hold of the new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil and we’ve been able to test with the latest version of ZoomNotes (7.0.6) and  the combination is amazing. The accuracy of the pencil is phenomenal, and the palm rejection 100% reliable.

To turn on Apple Pencil – open the main app settings and choose the ‘Stylus’ section. Tap on ‘Apple Pencil’ and turn it on here.



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ZoomNotesX 1.0 Release

Today we are excited to announce the release of Version 1 of ZoomNotesX for Mac. It is a fully featured version of ZoomNotes which lets you create, import and edit ZoomNotes documents from your iPad and iPhone. It includes all editing and writing tools available in the iPad version, as well as bookmarking, presentation and video generation tools.


We have kept the user interface similar on the two platforms to keep learning to a minimum. iCloud documents will be automatically synchronised between Mac, iPad and iPhone letting you work easily between devices. We have also integrated ZoomNotes into Finder on the Mac to enable quick previews of your ZoomNotes documents within Finder, and to enable drag and drop files (ZND, PDF, PNG, JPEG, ZIP, MOV) from Finder into ZoomNotesX.

ZoomNotesX works with Wacom Intuos Stylus as a basic drawing and writing tool, and we will be adding support for pressure and buttons shortly.

Whether you are an existing ZoomNotes user on iPad or a new user looking for an innovative note-taking and sketching app with unlimited zoom you will find ZoomNotesX an extremely useful app for your Mac.

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